ASHRAE RP Centralized Training for Campaign Year 2019-20

Centralized training will be held over three different weekends in three different locations the summer of 2019. It’s important for all RP Chairs to attend the session for your region. If you can't attend your designated session, please reach out to your RVC to discuss your options.

RP Centralized Training #1
July 19-20, Atlanta, GA

Region III RP RVC: Chris Desoto
Region IV RP RVC (incoming): Valarie Simmons
Region VII RP RVC (incoming): Christin Keltner
Region XII RP RVC: Jason Hardman

RP Centralized Training #2
July 26-27, Denver CO

Region VIII RP RVC: Kimberly Thompson
Region IX RP RVC: Megan Sterl
Region X RP RVC: Heather Schopplein
Region XI RP RVC: Les Pereira

RP Centralized Training #3
September 6-7, Chicago IL
Region I: Tom Zoller
Region I RP RVC: Tom Zoller
Region II RP RVC: Mark Lawrence
Region V RP RVC: Devin Snowberger
Region VI RP RVC: Haley Goslinga

Please use the form below to register for only one Centralized Training session. This form is for ASHRAE RP staff to know you’re attending and to have emergency contact information only. You are responsible for your own transportation arrangements and your own hotel reservations.

For information about the Centralized Training schedule, how to make your hotel reservation, and ASHRAE’s transportation reimbursement policy, please click here.

Registrant Information

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