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Dear (colleague),

I would like to invite you to Join ASHRAE.

As an ASHRAE member, I have first-hand knowledge of the benefits and I highly recommend that you join. ASHRAE is dedicated to serving our industry, offers a wide variety of technical resources, and provides a global community of members to connect with. ASHRAE membership is open to anyone concerned with HVAC&R for the built environment. Full dues paying Full Member and Associate grade member receive:

  • Monthly ASHRAE Journal
  • Complimentary registration to a Winter or Annual Conference within 24 months of joining
  • Complimentary subscription to Handbook Online
  • Access to the ASHRAE Technology Portal
  • Discounts on standards, publications, certifications and training
  • Option to participate on 100+ technical committees
  • Option for local involvement at the regional and chapter level
  • Opportunity to network with peers shaping the built environment
  • Full Members and Associate grades have the option to select one complimentary annual benefit: ASHRAE Handbook (PDF), one ASHRAE Standard (PDF), or one eLearning Course
If you would like more information on benefits or how to join ASHRAE, please visit the ASHRAE Membership Benefits page.

If you would prefer to speak to someone, please call 1-404-636-8400 or email membership@ashrae.org. Sincerely,


*Your member benefit is based on member grade and type of membership.

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