TC/TG/TRG CHAIRS: This TC Roster Update Form replaces the former excel version of the rollover roster setup. It is designed to give you all the information needed to produce a desired draft roster for the upcoming Society year. Changes to your roster will go into effect on July 1st.

Section 1: Technical Committee Management Team (Mandatory Positions) This section will assist you with developing your committee management and subcommittee chair’s section.

Chair should have served at least one one-year term as Vice Chair or Secretary. The Chair of a TC/TG/TRG will be expected to serve two (2) consecutive one-year terms. The TAC may grant a one-year extension with the written request of the TC/TG/TRG approved by the Section Head, but no more than three (3) consecutive terms as Chair. The Chair's term is not limited by the policy limiting normal Member and Non-Quorum Member reappointments to four (4) consecutive terms." Vice Chair must be prepared to train and to serve as Chair following his/her term. Training includes attending Chair's Workshops and Chair's Breakfasts. Chair and Vice Chair MUST BE ASHRAE MEMBERS! Corresponding Members can serve in all TC management positions except Chair.

1. The form is populated to list members in their current positions. If those members will continue to serve in their current position then no attention is required. However, if you would like to appoint someone else to serve in a mandatory positions, select “no”. Once you have selected “no” you will be prompted to enter their replacement (name and ASHRAE number).

2. If you do not replace the current appointment the TC chair will be assigned to the position.

3. An individual is not required to be a voting member in order to serve on a subcommittee or mandatory position.

Section 2: Additional Placement
This section allows you to list individuals in positions that are not mandatory. Common additional positons are Member Non-Quorum and ALI Coordinator. A maximum of 2 Non-Quorum (voting) members may be appointed each year.

Section 3: Proposed Membership List and Status
This section will allow you to determine which members of the committee are available to move up to voting status. You will find the voting members at the top of the list with the start and end dates to the right of their company affiliation. Review end dates for your committee's voting makeup for the next Society year.

Take note of which members will continue in the voting position and for how long. This will help to determine voting membership in future years. A minimum of six and a maximum of 18 voting members are allowed in a given Society year. This does not include Non-Quorum Members who are also eligible to vote.

Provisional Members act as Corresponding members, but only serve 2 year terms. This position was added to allow individuals to join the committee throughout the society year. This can be done by online at www.ashrae.org/joinatc.

During roster update period, review the list of Provisional Corresponding Members and decide if they should be added as voting, corresponding members or be deleted from your roster. If there are no changes, after 2 years, they will drop from the roster automatically.

New Members: Direct any new individuals to join the committee using the following steps as a PROCM. This will also allow them immediate placement on the committee.

Members of the TC/TG that are currently serving on a MTG as the TC’s voting representative are noted on the TC’s roster and roster update form as a MTG liaison, e.g. LIA. MTG.BPM. Chairs with MTG liaisons to note any changes to these types of positions on the TC roster update form. Otherwise, it will be assumed that TC and TC chair is satisfied with their voting representative on the MTG. Review and complete the worksheet with additions, upgrades to voting membership, or deletions. To add, delete or upgrade, use the drop down arrow for your selection.

Save and Submit:
You should save your form as you make updates. You can make as many changes to the form as needed, until you submit it. Once you have submitted the form, you can no longer make changes. Any changes after you have submitted the form will need to be discussed and submitted to your Section Head.


Note: This section is mandantory

Continuing from Current Year? (Y/N)
Stephen Roth

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Vice Chair
Lindsey King

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Joshua New

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Handbook Subcommittee Chair
Krishnan Gowri

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Program Subcommittee Chair
Michael Galler

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Research Subcommittee Chair
Todd Gottshall

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Standards Subcommittee Chair
Steven Rosen

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)
Michael Galler

Proposed: Must be ASHRAE Member (May serve 2 or 3 years - Note if applying for 3rd)

Additional Positions or Sub Committee Chairs

Sub Committee or Postion

Additional Comments/Notes:

Proposed Membership List and Status
Use the Status Code column for position changes.

Please direct individuals interested in joining the committee for the first time to www.ashrae.org/joinatc.
Status Code Legend:
AV = Add Voting | AC = Add Corresponding | DV = Delete Voting (Will be moved to corresponding) | D = Delete (Will be deleted from the roster) | NC = No Change
ASHRAE No. Name Employer Voting Status Appointed Year End Year Position Status Code (Required)
8001393 Stephen Roth Carmel Software Corp Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2019 Chair
8232034 Lindsey King Johnson Controls, Inc. Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2021 Vice Chair
8186839 Joshua New Oak Ridge National Laboratory Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2019 Secretary
5095204 Krishnan Gowri Autodesk Non-voting 07/01/2014 Handbook Subcommittee Chair
8021881 Michael Galler NIST Engineering Laboratory Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2020 Program Subcommittee Chair
5205340 Todd Gottshall Western Allied Mechanical Voting 07/01/2014 06/30/2018 Research Subcommittee Chair
630787 Steven Rosen RDK Engineers Non-voting 07/01/2017 Standards Subcommittee Chair
8021881 Michael Galler NIST Engineering Laboratory Voting Webmaster
5114230 Bruce Billedeaux Maverick Technologies Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2021 Member
83692 David Branson Compliance Services Group, Inc. Voting 07/01/2015 06/30/2018 Member
8071997 John Crosby Bentley Systems Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2021 Member
5079014 Carol Lomonaco Johnson Controls Inc Voting 07/01/2017 06/30/2021 Member
2017315 Constantinos Balaras NOA Non-voting 08/17/2016 08/17/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8062821 Ecton English Department of Defense Non-voting 06/27/2016 06/27/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8148022 John Gibbemeyer George Mason University Non-voting 06/27/2017 06/27/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8300364 Aneesha Gogineni SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Non-voting 01/23/2017 01/23/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8302139 Katherine Holmstrom Non-voting 08/10/2017 08/10/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8128073 Amanda Kilbane Cain Thomas Associates Non-voting 06/29/2016 06/29/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8201420 Hao Luo MBP Non-voting 06/11/2016 06/11/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8305498 Nicholas Matthews Brown & Caldwell Non-voting 02/08/2017 02/08/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8219763 Steven Montoni Syska Hennessy Group Non-voting 10/25/2016 10/25/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
7990521 Toshio Murata Non-voting 10/10/2016 10/10/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8315377 Dejan Randic WSP Non-voting 07/19/2017 07/19/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8096664 Anwar Rizvi Hyder Consulting Non-voting 10/16/2017 10/16/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8153042 Michael Roth Klimaat Consulting & Innovation Inc Non-voting 06/14/2016 06/14/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8229350 Kris Tan Ministry of Manpower Non-voting 06/24/2016 06/24/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
5040782 Edward Tsui Intelligent Technologies Ltd Non-voting 10/03/2016 10/03/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8250262 Yijun Wang Affiliated Engineers Non-voting 06/24/2016 06/24/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8142636 YAO YU North Dakota State University Non-voting 01/27/2016 01/27/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8312584 Helia Zandi Oak Ridge National Laboratory Non-voting 06/27/2017 06/27/2019 Provisional Corresponding Member
8259154 Artem Zhukov Remak a.s. Non-voting 01/25/2016 01/25/2018 Provisional Corresponding Member
8020971 Vikrant Aute University of Maryland Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
65232 Albert Black McClure Engineering Non-voting 07/01/1991 Corresponding Member
5113358 David Bornside Siemens Building Technologies Inc Non-voting 07/01/1998 Corresponding Member
82977 Michael Brambley Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Non-voting 07/01/1999 Corresponding Member
8157190 Rodney Butler Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
2012619 J Patrick Carpenter Facility Performance Engs Non-voting 07/01/1991 Corresponding Member
8050652 Joon-Ho Choi University of Southern California Non-voting 07/01/2014 Corresponding Member
1014210 Daniel Choiniere Natural Resources Canada Non-voting 07/01/2009 Corresponding Member
134120 David Claridge Texas A&M University Non-voting 07/01/1990 Corresponding Member
8195840 Mark Clayton Texas A&M University Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
8099790 Robert Coleman Trane Non-voting 07/01/2008 Corresponding Member
159455 Charles Culp III Texas A&M University Non-voting 07/01/1989 Corresponding Member
8099745 Bing Dong UT-San Antonio Non-voting 07/01/2014 Corresponding Member
5144165 Timothy Dwyer Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
8033311 Peter Ellis Big Ladder Software Non-voting 07/01/2009 Corresponding Member
281691 Walter Grondzik Ball State University Non-voting 07/01/2011 Corresponding Member
288076 Jeff Haberl Texas A & M Univ Non-voting 07/01/1991 Corresponding Member
293409 Arthur Hallstrom AD Hall Non-voting 07/01/2017 Corresponding Member
5197035 William Healy NIST Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
2030636 Kristin Heinemeier Western Cooling Efficiency Center Non-voting 07/01/2004 Corresponding Member
5206098 Robert Hitchcock Hitchcock Consulting Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
8099611 LinJie Huang Sanhua Holding Group Non-voting 07/01/2008 Corresponding Member
5018429 Mark Hydeman Google Non-voting 07/01/2015 Corresponding Member
8192078 Shenghan Jin University of Illinois Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
5150572 Alison Kwok University of Oregon Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
5128432 Rick Larson Coil Design, LLC Non-voting 07/01/2004 Corresponding Member
8160747 Kwang Ho Lee Hanbat National University Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
8282288 Vit Merka Remak a.s. Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
5085180 Mayumi Miura Azbil Corporation Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
8156679 Brian Moura Bentley Systems Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
534552 Ron Nelson Non-voting 07/01/2011 Corresponding Member
5224176 Zheng O'Neill The University Of Alabama Non-voting 07/01/2008 Corresponding Member
573605 Vernon Peppers Peppers Engineering Non-voting 07/01/2010 Corresponding Member
5071430 Robert Pollard Pollard Engineering Limited Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
5072184 Michael Pouchak Honeywell International Non-voting 07/01/2017 Corresponding Member
8084481 Daniel Rau Ruskin Non-voting 07/01/2008 Corresponding Member
8222186 Jibonananda Sanyal Oak Ridge National Laboratory Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
8136434 Martin Schmid Autodesk Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
5017444 Michael Schwedler Trane Non-voting 07/01/2004 Corresponding Member
666290 Stephen Selkowitz Lawrence Berkeley Lab Building Tech Dept Non-voting 07/01/1999 Corresponding Member
8112850 Rajnish Setty Setty & Associates International, PLLC Non-voting 07/01/2014 Corresponding Member
8216728 Lynn Sheen Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
2040859 Pornsak Songkakul Siemens Building Technologies Inc Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
5040782 Edward Tsui Intelligent Technologies Ltd Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
2042152 Paul Wacker Honeywell Non-voting 07/01/1992 Corresponding Member
784620 Wayne Webster Princess Towers Inc Non-voting 07/01/2004 Corresponding Member
8143850 Andrew Windham Appalachian State University Non-voting 07/01/2016 Corresponding Member
7973213 Mike Wolf Greenheck Fan Corp. Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member
8007763 Xiaohui Zhou Non-voting 07/01/2013 Corresponding Member

NOTE: Once SUBMIT FINAL is clicked an email notification is sent to ASHRAE and your roster can no longer be edited.